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The Sales Brag Book for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Positions

When interviewing for medical and/or pharmaceutical sales positions it’s imperative that you document your sales numbers through a sales brag book.

The brag book should be sectioned so that you can easily find information during an interview. The sections to include are listed below.

Your brag book should look professional, polished and add to your presentation when sharing information about your sales history.

In addition, you should have leave behind copies for each person you will be interviewing with.

When the day of interviews is over, Sales Managers often use brag books as a way to break a tie when several candidates interviewed well.

Brag books specifically designed for pharmaceutical sales and medical sales are detailed and should paint a complete picture of your work and academic history.

Put together and used correctly, a sales brag book can greatly increase your odds of winning a sales job. It can also add additional leverage to negotiate a strong base salary.

Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book Sections

  1. Resume – see an Example Here.
  2. This section should include any research you have done on the company and industry. Highlight the key points that interest you about the company and their products. You can reference this info during the interview.
  3. This section includes product info and brochures from your current company. This is a tool that you will use if you are asked to do a role play of a sales call.
  4. Work History Accomplishments
    • Sales quota certificates
    • Photos of plaques and trophies
    • Any inter-company memos stating contest and sales results
    • Letters from customers
    • President’s Club or Achiever’s Club documentation
    • Any documentation showing increased revenue in your territory
    • Ranking sheets
  5. Accomplishments from College/High School
    • College diploma
    • Transcripts (if you had a 3.0 or greater)
    • Standout athletic accomplishments
    • Standout leadership roles (think President of your class)
  6. Sales Trainings completed Employee reviews
  7. Letters of recommendation

A well-prepared Brag Book will allow you to showcase your accomplishments and help separate you from your competition.

If interviewing for positions with a company car do include DMV records at the back of the book. If you aren’t interviewing for a medical or pharmaceutical sales job you can find an abridged version of a Sales Brag Book here.

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